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Time for an interconnected System


EAPP is facilitating cross border power trade

Welcome to EAPP

Welcome to the EAPP. In this improved  website, you will find information about EAPP's inception and progress in terms of securing energy resources for Eastern Africa CountriesThe EAPP is a power pool consisting of power utilities and regulators from ten countries in the region

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Meetings & Confrences

The EAPP has scheduled to hold or particpate in meeting  as highlighted below

1. Technical Sub committes workshop (Addis ababa 20-21 October 2013) 

2. Training on Master Plan Development ( 12-15th November, Adddis Ababa) 

3. Steering Committes/ Confrence of Ministers ( Burundi, 18-21st November) 

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Contact Us

EAPP, Permernent  Secreteriat 

House No. 513 Kirkos Sub-City, P. O. Box 100644, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel: +251 115 572 399 

Fax: +251 115 572 419


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Enhacement of EAPPs performance in full swing

The Extraordinary conference of Ministers (COM) held on the 20th of October 20, 2012 in Arusha, Tanzania deliberated on the performance of the EAPP since its establishment. The COM members decided to further enhance the performance of EAPP at all levels to effectively deal with the challenges ahead associated with coordinated power infrastructure expansion planning, project implementation and power pool operation.

In line with that decision the COM constituted an Ad-hoc committee to identify areas of improvement and to submit a comprehensive report with recommendations for approval by COM. Accordingly, the Ad-hoc committee conducted the assessment and submitted a report an associated action plan, which was approved by COM during the extraordinary conference held in Arusha, Tanzania on January 2013.. Learn more »

Capacity Building gains momentatum

Technical sub-committees are among the key organs of EAPP is presently implementing the following programs.  

  • Technical Assistance for Enhanced Operationalization and Implementation of EAPP CC and IRB, financed by Royal Government of Norway and SIDA. 
  • Technical Assistance and Training in Support to EAPP, financed by EU’s FED program, and (EU FED program)
  • Intergration of Renewable enegry into EAPP Master plan  through support of USAID.

The programs are complementary and deal with the institutional capacity issues identified in EAPP’s Corporate Plan.

Twinning project started

Following an international tender, a contract for a twining service was awarded to the joint venture of Consulting A/S, and Ea Energy Analysis, both of Denmark in June 2013.  The twining service aims at developing the capacity of EAPP PS and its organs through an arrangement where staff of the consultant and EAPP work together. Expected major deliveries include the following

  • Component I: Master Plan.  Update of regional master plan, gap analysis in national system planning practices and provisions of the draft regional interconnection code, and the procurement of planning software and hardware, and training.
  • Component II: Power Market. Updating of market development road map, development of market operations guidelines/procedures and mini trading platform, and structure of market sub-committee.
  • Component III: System Operation: Development of procedures/guideline for system operation, operations gap analysis and harmonization, specification and procurement documents for SCADA and related services.

The consultant and EAPP are currently working on the Inception Report, and kick-off meeting was held to discuss preparatory arrangements.  More Info »

EAPP relocates to new office buidling 

TheEAPP has secured a plot (2000 square/meter) from EEPCo in a prime location in Addis Ababa for the construction of its office building. EEPCo will also conduct the topographic survey and soil test free of charge. These activities are currently in progress and EAPP PS intends to prepare the project profile that is needed to secure finance for the architectural and civil design of the building and its construction.

Meanwhile EAPP has moved to a new office building in Addis Ababa. The new building now accommodates EAPP staff and will also be shared by the consultants under the two active consultancy contracts: the EC financed consultancy and the RNE-SIDA financed Twining arrangement.

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